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Can I see the delivery date before ordering my shoes online?

When you selected a shoe on our webshop, you can let our webshop calculate a delivery date for you. After selecting the right shoe size and Berca shop, a delivery date for delivery to that shop and a delivery date for shipping the shoes in a parcel, will appear on your screen. Please note that this is a indicative delivery date, and can deviate from the actual delivery date. Please note that this delivery date can change from day to day.

Can I follow the progress of my shipped package?

Once your package has been send, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail. In this mail you will find a tracking code from our logistical partner. Through this code you can follow the progress of your shipment.

Can my shoes be delivered at home?

Absolutely! For deliveries within Belgium, our logistical partner Bpost is responsible for the shipping of your package. For foreign deliveries, these deliveries are made through one of their partners.
Deliveries with Bpost have some important advantages:

  • The mailman delivers your package.
  • Delivery to a pick-up point, like your local super market or post office. This comes in handy when you’re not at home on delivery.
  • Delivery to a parcel locker: these lockers are available 24/7, so you can go and pick-up your package on every hour of the day.
What happens when I’m not home on a home delivery?

When you’re not there, the mailman will drop a note in your mailbox, stating you can pick-up your package in a post office nearby, the day after. Your package will be available 15 days after delivery.

Can my package be shipped outside Belgium?

We offer shipping to every EU country. Non EU countries are not supported. Click here to view our shipping fees.

Can I pick-up my order at one of your shops?

While completing your order, you can choose one of our shops from the list. Delivery to a Berca shop is always free of charge. You can fit the shoes in the shop and return them if they don’t fit. Also, you get the leaflet discount when choosing to pick-up your order at one of our shops.

Caution! This service is only available for the affiliates listed on our webshop. Delivery to other Berca affiliates is impossible.

My order has been delivered to a Berca shop. How long will it be available?

As soon as your order gets delivered to one of our shops, the shoes will be available for one month. When picking-up the shoes after one month, chances are that the shoes will no longer be available to you. Our shop personnel will give you a gift card with the value of your order.

Are there any extra charges?

FREE at a berca.be shop.

For Home delivery, at pick-up point or parcel locker you pay in Belgium €5.95

Free delivery to on of our physical berca.be shops.

When you wish to deliver your package outside Belgium, you can consult the shipping fees here.