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My account

I can’t log in on my account.

When trying to log in to your account, you might receive a notice that your email address and/or password is incorrect. In that case, be sure to check if your email address is correctly typed in the form. Email address and password are case sensitive.

  • Wrong email address
    For reasons of privacy, we will never give your email address to a third party. In case you forgot your email address, you will have to make a new account on our webshop. That’s because we can never be sure about the person asking for that email address.
  • Wrong password
    We do not store your password, so even we don’t know your password. We will also never phone or mail you asking your password. When you forgot your password, you can simply request a new password on the page where you are able to log in. Once you have regained access to your account, you will be able to change your password to something else by clicking “my account”.
I don’t have a bill / I lost my bill.

On your account page, you can find a summary for your orders made with us. By clicking on one of the orders in your summary, you will get redirected to the details page for that order. There you can consult your bill by clicking on ‘open bill’.

As a webshop customer, can I receive a Berca discount card?

If you don’t have a Berca discount card, a discount card number will be generated upon creating a webshop account. This number is what you would normally find on a Berca discount card. This number can be consulted on your customer account. The barcode on this page can be read by your smartphone, converting it to a virtual discount card. You smartphone will be able to display your discount card, so you can use it just like a normal discount card.

I have a Berca discount card, can I use it on the webshop?

If you previously received a Berca discount card in one of our shops, you can use it to log in to your account. In order to log in to your account, simply fill in your email address and the number beneath the barcode on your discount card, at the log in form. Creating a new account is not necessary.